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I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania playing everything from baseball, football and soccer to karate, motocross and even gymnastics. Early on though I found my niche - thanks to my father - wrestling.  My father had been a fantastic wrestler in high school, and he had me rolling around on the ground starting to learn things literally before I could even walk. My father was a close friend of Mr. Angle, the father of future Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle which provided me with wrestling and weight training advice from Kurt when I was only in sixth grade.   Kurt taught me all the basics as far as which exercises to do, how to do them properly, and for how many sets and reps.  At the beginning of my senior year, I had to make a difficult decision between wrestling and football.  As wrestling has weight classes and football does not, I believe I would better be suited at my then current weight of 112 pounds for wrestling.  I loved every minute of it up until breaking my arm in 3 places at the end of my junior year.  I took a year off through my senior year, which I can honestly say I regret.  I had missed this opportunity, I could have achieved a level of greatness if I had just kept at it and given it on hundred percent - like my father always told me to do.

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That is what I am here to help my clients and athletes accomplish - a level of greatness.  Whether it is professional competition, mental and physical health, or just a workout routine to help you accomplish your day to day goals, I can provide you with the knowledge, training, and perseverance to achieve all of them.



These pictures showcase the hard work that my athletes and clients have put in as well as the dedication that I have to each and every one of them. The pictures on the left are the before pictures, and were taken on day one of our training program. The pictures on the right are the “after pictures” these pictures showcase one goal or another that has been achieved. Congratulations to each and every one of the athletes on this page. For anyone who is tired of looking and feeling the way they do, if you have a deep inner desire to better yourself and for anyone who is looking to change their life, The HealthyLife Program is your answer. The physical manifestation of who we are is a showcase of what we choose. Choose to be the greatest version of who you can imagine yourself to be. Choose Fitness to enjoy all other aspects of your life, Live your passion.

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