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  • 16 Weeks - $900


  • Program Synopsis – Full NPC or IFBB Contest Prep for any class and any level.


  • Program Description

    • Using Time Tested, Tried and true, Proven techniques that produce results we will work together to create not only your best possible physique, but mind set as well, on show day. This prep will include all of the information you will need for maximum success at your contest. 


  • Program Includes.

    • -1 on 1 Consultations regarding any aspect of your prep.

    • -Weekly Check-ins with Prep modifications

    • -Nutrition Planning

    • -Exercise Planning

    • -Supplementation Assistance

    • -In Depth Shopping list

    • -FULL Peak Week Guidance

    • -Posing 101 E-Book

    • -The Healthy Life Program E-Book

    • -Peak Week Nutrition E-Book

    • -Peak Week Supplementation E-Book

    • -Peak Week Dehydration E-Book

    • -Peek Week Exercise Program E-Book

    • -Peek Week Cardio Regiment E-Book

    • -Peek Week Mental Conditioning E-Book

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