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  • 52 Weeks – $1500


  • Program Synopsis – We work together for 52 weeks on any goal of your choosing. 

  • Program Description

    • The HealthyLife Program was designed and developed with your best interest at mind.  The first program that I ever developed, put together over years of learning, and gaining information from the best in the business, is the best way for me to take you under my wing, to become the best version of who you can imagine yourself to be.  I combine all aspects of life with this incredible journey we will go on. From Mental Conditioning to Supplement Suggestions, Nutrition Plans and Exercise Programs, they will all be provided and will constantly change, as needed.  Beyond physical elements, WE will focus on the one thing that is the most crucial for your development in the specific area of your choosing, and that is motivation. Motivation stems from an ability to remember why we started, and embrace the process which will allow for an improved life in all areas. This program is what my vision is all about, it’s my passion.  For me, to watch you succeed time and time again as we work together to build continued success, is what fitness is all about.  We will use fitness to more fully enjoy all aspects of life, working week to week month to month and year to year, designed for the long term client.  With this program, we can discover deeper meanings of life, on your terms.

  • Program Includes:

  • 1 on 1 Consultations regarding any aspect of your program.

  • Weekly Check-ins with nutrition and supplementation modifications

  • Nutrition Planning

  • Supplementation Assistance

  • In Depth Shopping list

  • When sugar is good E-book

  • Food Prep Guide E-book

  • 14 Day body cleanses – E-book

  • Fiber Carbs VS Starch Carbs

  • Not all Carbs are created equal E-Book

  • BCAA basics E-Book

  • Glutamine Basics E-Book

  • Creatine Basics E-book

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