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  • Program Synopsis - We work together for 12 weeks on any goal of your choosing. 


  • Program Description
    • Take your physique to the next level with the 12 Week Transition.  This program will be custom made for your specific results.  Similar to the contest prep program, but with slightly less intensity.  The transition is of your choosing,  whether it be to get in great shape for a specific event, wedding, vacation, prom or graduation, or it may be to start off learning how to gain size and strength before starting a contest prep program . The list is endless. With the 12 week transition we will work together on a 1 on 1 basis and I will ensure we exceed your specific results. I will Provide you all the information necessary to maximize results in this time period. You will check in each week and program modifications will be made using objective criteria each week (Weekly Pictures, Weight, Body Fat percentages, measurements and a multitude of others determined by your specific goals.)


  • Program includes
    • 1 on 1 Consultations regarding any aspect of your 12 week transition.
    • Weekly Check-ins with nutrition and supplementation modifications
    • Nutrition Planning
    • Supplementation Assistance
    • In Depth Shopping list
    • When sugar is good E-book
    • Food Prep Guide E-book
    • 14 Day body cleanses – E-book
    • Fiber Carbs VS Starch Carbs
    • Not all Carbs are created equal E-Book
    • BCAA basics E-Book
    • Glutamine Basics E-Book
    • Creatine Basics E-book

12 Week Transition

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