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  • 24 weeks - $900


  • Program Synopsis – Off season prep for any sport or activity. We will create the program, so when your “season” begins you will be better than last year.


  • Program Description
    • From Wrestling to Basketball or from Football to Soccer, from Swimming to Motocross, Dancing, Skiing, Scuba Diving and Every other performance sport or activity in between, they all have their own unique set of muscles that are primarily used. Each muscle has its own function and purpose. To increase the performance for your specific sport or activity we must develop those muscles, as well of the muscle fiber type,  that will be most beneficial for the primary muscles used in your specific sport or activity.  This program will focus on maximum efficiency and effectiveness during your training sessions for your desired performance sport or activity.  With a purchase of this program we will work together and ensure that your “Off Season” will create your “Peak Performance” once competition season or show time, starts again. 


  • Program Includes


    • 1 on 1 Consultations regarding any aspect of your off season peak performance.
    • Weekly Check-ins with program modifications
    • Nutrition Planning
    • Exercise Planning
    • Supplementation Assistance
    • In Depth Shopping list
    • Mental Conditioning E-Book

Off Season Peak Performance

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