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It is important to remember that our bodies are machine’s and that we are NOT our bodies but we are using them as a vehicles.  WE decide how our body manifests themselves according to the building blocks we provided, and the stress we imposed on the machine.


The Science of combining Exercise and Nutrition is a very logical one.  Once you understand the basics of how things digest, and how that process effects the physique we have, you will have the ability to more fully grasp why certain foods are ok and why certain foods are not.  Also this will explain why foods taste “good” or “bad”

The process used in this Healthy Life Program uses the digestibility of the nutrients along with the exercise power output that the muscles are exerting.


Emotion is the driving force behind the manifestaion process... When an emotion is attached to an action the result will be become incarnate.  It will be brought into physical form, through this process we can create lifeitself.  Our lives are the direct result of how we attatch emotions to actions, through this process we will learn how to purposefully create emotions and realize what resulting Consequence will occur once these emotions are used in our lives for the betterment of all things.

Passion is the underlying feeling behind a thing...  Our passion can be felt in many different ways... it is the feeling inside of us that we feel, but often times the mind drowns  out with "rational thoughts"... it is a knowing of sort... inside of us we all feel it... We can use our Emotions, to find the feelings inside of us that will best suit us... these are the feelings that follow love in any decision... these are the feelings you have when you smell fresh cut grass, or the feelings you have when you think of a summers day as a young child, swimming in the back yard pool, with all of the neighbors... This feeling, too often, is thought of as "a time past"... or of in a distant future... and sadly... we accept that this feeling has left us, and it is to late.... or will take too much to ever live a life full of it.... Well this is where the good news begins... that’s what I’m here to explain... That this feeling, the FEELING,  of Passion... is not only felt in a time past... and there is never a task to large that we cannot overcome...and it is possible all in this moment.... as we learn about our passion.. What it is, and what decision’s we must make to live a life in an abundance of... we will learn that this moment that we exist in... is the moment we have always existed in... And because of this it is not too late, it can’t be... so with the conscious choice... we will use this moment to find and live our passion.ow a little more about you.

Motivation can be felt in a variety of ways... None the less the underlying principle of Motivation stays consistent.. It is the driving force that causes the change from a simple desire, to actual trying to achieve in life. For example, hunger is a motivation that induces a desire to with this example we have to sue this force in a positive light... we must force the hunger to be a hunger for what we desire in life...This being our, Passion... So the motivation can be as individual as the individual on the path, but the end will stay the
same... which is to create the driving force that
creates the change from a desire to actual
attainment... It is what propels us in the direction
of our choosing... and it is how we can stay on
the course, as inertia will continue forward so will
motivation unless acted upon by an outside force...
With the emotion    strong and the passion true...
The outside force will not derail the motivation for
the attainment of a life full of our passion... once
we feel the feeling in our lives again we will chase it...
time and time again...creating positive change in our
lives, inspiring others and remembering why we started to begin with.

Dedication is all about definition; the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose... Through the perspective of this program we will see that this term does not have to be what we have always been taught that it is... Hard... Because the Task or Purpose is Passion... The dedication becomes FUN... much like the act of riding our bikes around the neighborhood when we were kids.. or playing video games on rainy summer days... we sure were "dedicated" to those activities... we didn’t think of them as to be hard... we just did them because we had fun... expressing out passion in that direction, back then..... Well, We will learn that Then is now... and now is then... and that this moment is all moments... through this knowledge, we will remember what life made us forget about being dedicated... we will remember that we must be dedicated to us first.. much like when we fly on an airplane, and we are told to put our own oxygen mask on before assisting another... that is not a selfish act, because the intention is selfless... as this dedication to one’s self is... we must be dedicated to living our passion, as through this example will others set themselves free... Dedication is fun, we will remember how, once we live our passion.

Although Completion can be defined as; having all parts or elements; lacking nothing; whole; entire; full:......another definition describes it as...finished; ended;..... It takes both of these definition’s to understand what it is the "Completion" of these programs are... We are using "goals" as a way of enjoying the means... rather than simply waiting for the end... in this way we change the definition of completion as, beginning.... a "New Beginning.." Because with the attainment of any goal.... we are left feeling unsatisfied after a while... although one "thing" has come to an end, or is finished... we move forward with great grace... as with the experience of the goal that was completed.... we bring to our selves a greater understanding of this process for the next goal... that we set before our selves... in this way, the emotion is sparked up again.... but this time its from the completion of the objective... rather than the emotion used before which may have been .... the desire of the competed goal, or task.... Through this process we will experience a shift in our perspective, allowing for a new perception... the perception of the completed process; now fueling the new process with the emotion of completion... we evolve endless in this manner... The key is, to not only understand it but to, become a master through it....

Evolution is any process of formation or growth; development... The HLP's main purpose is for the personal evolution of our human experience... In this experience we are in "bodies"... these bodies are what keep us in this physical plane... This is truth, it may sound "out there" but it’s not its really "in there, that matters"... it’s what inside the body that matters... however in this world, in this life these bodies absolutely matter! And our Evolution on all three levels has much to do with how our bodies are evolving on this level... This is where the physical form of evolution comes into play... this is prob. why the majority of you are reading this.... However, Along with the physical evolution once we determine that we truly want to have a Healthy Life... not just have a Healthy Body... we will start to discover a part of our self that we either never new existed, or that we didn’t believe existed... this "knowing of thy self" ...  may also sound "out there".. Or “strange"... it’s not, it just simply hasn’t been brought up in a while.... but its truth, nonetheless... Our full evolution will begin with the body... move to the mind... and proceed through the soul...Fitness and exercise create a positive charge through all of our cells, through the subconscious innate knowing, that the being that we are, is evolving, awakening and living its passion... This process is creation, through evolution, because of the dedication to our passion.

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